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Herd Management Reports

As herds have become larger and total mixed rations are more prevalent, more managers use their DHI information to focus on herd, group or pen management rather than individual cows.

Herd Summary
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The Herd Summary is used to manage the entire herd and is Eastern Wisconsin DHIC's base management report. All Eastern Wisconsin DHIC members enrolled on DHI or DHIR and receiving paper reports receive the Herd Summary

Example Summary
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AgSource's Herd Summary is designed to provide members with a quick snapshot of the herd's performance.  By summarizing information on the herd's production, milk quality, genetics, reproduction and turnover, members can determine areas for improvement or observation.  Produced with each report, members can visualize through numbers and graphs the herds' trend over time, determine if management changes are having a positive influence or identify new areas for improvement.

For more detailed explanations of the Herd Summary, click here


String Summaries
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String Summaries are optional reports that are used to manage Permanent Strings and Temporary Strings. If you have multiple breeds in your herd or have multiple owners and you want to monitor groups separately, Permanent String Summaries are an excellent option. If you have a large herd divided into different groups with cows moving from one group to another during their lactation, Temporary String Reports are an easy-to-use tool for monitoring each group.

Example Summary
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Permanent String Summary

The Permanent String Summary uses the same design format as the Herd Summary. AgSource members enrolled on the Permanent String Summary Option receive a Summary for each of their Permanent Strings and an overall Herd Summary that includes all of their Permanent Strings. Offspring of cows in Permanent Strings continue in the same strings, as well. Permanent String Summaries are useful for herds having more than one owner, herds with multiple breeds and for 4-H and FFA project animals/herds.

For more detailed explanations of the Permanent String Summary, visit the Herd Summary in the Learning Center by clicking here.


Temporary String Summary

Temporary Strings are a great tool for larger herds having groups of milking cows in different pens based on age, pregnancy status, production or stage of lactation. Managers can easily compare each group to other strings in the herd. Temporary Strings are best suited where cows may be moved from one group to another during their lactation. Permanent Strings are more appropriate where cows are rarely or never moved during their lifetimes. The Temporary String Summary is an optional report.


Herd Management (HMO) Reports
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HMO reports are optional reports provided by Eastern Wisconsin DHIC to help members manage different groups of animals like cows to breed or cows to dry. The reports are provided on regular sized pages or as "Pocket Reports" that can be carried with you in a shirt pocket.

Cow Management Reports
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Cow Management Reports take the guesswork out of everything from knowing which cows can be bred in the next 30 days to which cows will be calving in the next two months.

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Heifer Management Reports & Inventory
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Heifer Management Reports provide a wide range of information from who should be vaccinated to calving due dates. They also are very valuable for maintaining an accurate heifer inventory.

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Pocket Reports
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Pocket Reports have most of the data full sized HMO reports contain. However, as their name indicates, they are designed to be carried in your pocket. Producers can enter data on these reports for personal use or for updating records with the Field Technician


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