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Cow Management Reports

Breeding Group
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Cows that are eligible for breeding, based on a 40 or 60 day Voluntary Waiting Period (VWP) are listed. Each cow's present deviation from the herd's Mature Equivalent (ME) 305 day Lactation Average is provided. You may decide not to breed a cow with an especially large negative deviation from the rest of your herd. On the far right, you can enter breeding information.  
Preg Exam Group
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This report lists all cows that have been bred more than 35 days ago that have not been entered as confirmed pregnant in the AgSource database. The report also lists all cows that have been bred five days or longer and the date each will be eligible for a 35 day pregnancy check. On the far right side of the report, you can enter pregnancy check data or service sire information, if the cow was rebred.  
Cows to Dry Group
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You are given three possible dry dates for each cow listed based on a 60, 45 or 30 day dry period. On the far right side of the report, you can enter the actual dry date.  
Cows to Calve Group
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This report lists all cows and the date they are due to calve over the next two months. On the right side of the report you can record calving information.  
Potential Culling Group
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A Potential Culling Group is listed. Cows on this list are at least 40 days in milk and have a Mature Equivalent (ME) 305 day projection that is 10 percent or more below the herd's average ME 305 day dollar value. For example, if your herd's average 305 day production (on an ME 305 day basis) is worth $3000, any cow with a 305 ME $ projection of $2700 or less will be on this list. Cows meeting this scenario will have a $DEV of -$300. All $ values are based on current milk prices and your herd's Ranking Code. You can specify if you want your herd's Ranking Code based on milk price, butterfat price or a combination of milk, butterfat and protein prices.  
Calving Distribution
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This valuable report helps keep your facility filled to capacity. The numbers of cows and heifers due to calve in each of the next six months are listed.  

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