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Herd Management Reports
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As herds have become larger and total mixed rations are more prevalent, more managers use their DHI information to focus on herd, group or pen management rather than individual cows.

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Production Management Reports
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Production Management reports provide different ways to review, analyze and manage individual cow performance. As part of Eastern Wisconsin DHIC's base DHI Package, members can choose one of the three types of Production Reports. They also can select one or both of the other report formats as Optional Reports.

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Fresh Cow Management Reports
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Eastern Wisconsin DHIC has set the industry standard in fresh cow management with the patented Transition Cow IndexTM incorporated into the comprehensive Fresh Cow Summary and the individual cow Fresh Cow List.

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Udder Health Management Reports
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Controlling subclinical mastitis makes dairy producers money through higher premiums and increased production. Eastern Wisconsin DHIC provides a wide range of reports to help manage milk quality.

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Nutritional Management Reports
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Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) levels are closely correlated to Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) levels, which reflect protein utilization by milking cows. Eastern Wisconsin DHIC has taken MUN to the next level with Management MUN - the industry-standard, quality control tool for nutritional management.

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Animal Identification Management Reports
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Whether it is premises or individual animal identification, one of the most important benefits Eastern Wisconsin DHIC offers is accurate Animal Identification Management. An added benefit of Eastern Wisconsin DHIC's reports is controlling inbreeding in today's modern herds.

Barn Cards
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Barn Cards are valuable in managing in conventional barns where cows go in the same stall all the time. The owner (or a potential cow buyer) can quickly see each cow's lifetime production history. Barn Cards are an Optional Report. When an AgSource member signs up for this option, they receive a Barn Card for each milking cow in the herd. Whenever a cow finishes her lactation, a new Barn Card is sent for her. A new card also is provided for each heifer that freshens and for purchased cows when they enter the herd.

Monthly Animal ID
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The Monthly Animal ID is another Optional Report. All female animals in the herd are listed. This report is valuable for maintaining an accurate cow and heifer inventory.

Annual Animal ID
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This Optional Report is sent with the next Test Day Report Package after December 1 each year. One report is generated for the milking herd and another is generated for the heifers.  Members can provide their Field Technician with corrections and receive a revised report for an additional charge.

Calf Registration Application
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This option can be either paper or electronic. There are four other options for this Optional Report.

  1. All calves
  2. All heifer calves
  3. All calves whose dams have a registration number
  4. All heifer calves whose dams have a registration number

Depending on the option, after a calving is reported, the Calf Registration Application is enclosed with the next Test Day Report Package (or sent electronically). If sire information was provided to AgSource, this is included. This application can be used for registration with any breed association. Simply provide any additional information or photos when applicable and send to the breed association.

Calf Identification Page
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While the Calf Registration Application option is designed for herds that are either identifying or registering their calves with a breed association, the Calf Identification Page option is for managers that want an easy-to-use, paper identification and record keeping system for their own use. Members subscribing to this Optional Report receive a Calf Identification Page for each heifer calf born and reported . The page contains all the information on the calf reported to AgSource along with an area to add pictures or drawings of the calf. The back page is useful for entering Health and Veterinary Records. 

PTA Report
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The PTA Report is an Optional Report mailed separately within a week of USDA's quarterly Sire Summary. This report lists Cow Predicted Transmitting Ability - Milk / Fat / Protein for each cow in the herd.

Business Copies and Electronic Downloads
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Veterinarians, nutritionists, milk quality specialists, lenders and other consultants are a vital part of many Eastern Wisconsin DHIC members' operations. Providing these Service Groups with accurate and timely Business Copies and Electronic Downloads is an essential part of Eastern Wisconsin DHIC's business.

Information is power, and AgSource makes every effort to make the data we provide available to Service Groups (nutritionists, veterinarians, milk quality specialists, lenders and other consultants) working with our members. Service Groups can obtain AgSource information either electronically, in a variety of formats, or as hard copy reports known as Business Copies. Having AgSource provide Service Groups with production information as soon as it is available saves a great deal of time and hassle for both the AgSource member and their service providers.

Electronic Reports
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Each member's AgSource DHI information is available on the Dairy Comp 305 I-Loop for electronic download. As soon as a herd's data has been processed, it can be accessed. Service Group members can download individual herd data into their consultant's version of Dairy Comp 305. This powerful program allows the user virtually unlimited capability to analyze trends on a dairy. AgSource's DHI Service Representatives are happy to provide individual or group training to Service Groups on accessing data from the I-Loop and setting up commands in Dairy Comp 305.

For more information on the I-Loop and downloading files, contact your Eastern Wisconsin DHIC Representative

Business Copy Reports
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Almost all AgSource DHI reports are available as Business Copies that can be mailed to Service Groups at the same time as member reports. These reports allow Service Groups to view the same information as their customers.

Eastern Wisconsin DHIC respects the privacy of each member's information, and therefore, requires the Service Group requesting a member's data to provide the member's Release Code on the Electronic Access and Business Copy Enrollment Form. The Release Code is a ten letter code found on the Mailer Page and the bottom right side of the Herd Summary. All fees for these reports are billed to the Service Groups.

Click here for the Electronic Access and Business Copy Enrollment Form.


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